Thursday, November 26, 2009

I have a lot to be thankful for. Beyond the obvious (but so normal we overlook it) like health and mobility, though perhaps I suffer from a touch of feebleness of mind! I have been reflecting this week on paying attention to good things around me.

So of course I thought of you.

After engaging in cycling issues on forums and commenting on bicycle blogs, I was invited by P.M. Summer to be a guest blogger on his CycleDallas blog. I hope I didn’t drive away very many regular readers of his!

His blog is bicycle advocacy oriented, and I desired to write a bit more personally than was proper as a guest on his blog, though I am sure P.M. would have tolerated it.

I was looking for an avenue of expression and for that end this blog has been very satisfying. But I was not expecting a new social network. I was not seeking a group of new friends. My what a wonderful surprise you have been!

I have met some of you in person (And to your credit, you hid your disappointment from what you found compared to your high expectations!) and others of you just online. Most of you are new friends to me this year, and the rest were just distant virtual acquaintances. There are so many of you! How abundantly I have been blessed!

I have tried to persuade you to my point of view, but I think my views have been re-shaped even more by you. For example, I have learned to appreciate "Dutch" style bikes, mixte framed bikes, the inadequacy of reflectors and "be seen lights". I now think that in certain circumstances, parking lot shortcuts are fine. You can be hardcore without ever riding in the rain to prove it.

I have lived 49 years without ever knowing that milk can come in bags. (I am nearly cosmopolitan now!)

I have been persuaded to slow down and sometimes even stop and get off my bike -Sacre bleu!- rather than focus on my average speed for the trip. You shared your world with me and so I purchased a camera to show you mine.

I have been schooled by your fine writing- winsome, inviting and inspiring. I long to do writing of similar quality. You have been unfailingly generous with your praise, time and advice. Thank you.

You make sport of me, and I of you, lest we think more highly of ourselves than we ought; But I have the highest respect for you, and I love you dearly. I am thankful to have such friends as you.


  1. Ain't the Internet wonderful? Dutch bikes. Who'd a thunk it?

  2. Nice way to start Thanksgiving Day. Revealing thoughts. Many of us feel the same way, but might be less capable of expressing it.

    I'll just say, "Me too"...and thank you.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, ChipSeal. And same back at ya! You even made me a better illustrator.


  4. Same here, brother. Well put. That aspire to write as well business is BS, by the way. You write as well as anybody out here.

  5. Parking lot cut-throughs?

    My thanks for the year do indeed include getting to know you, for the things that make us different, and especially for the things we share in common with such a great cloud of witnesses.

  6. Nuts. I did it again. PM left a comment and I hit the wrong button and deleted it instead of approving it. So, dredged up from my e-mail files, he said;

    "Parking lot cut-throughs?

    My thanks for the year do indeed include getting to know you, for the things that make us different, and especially for the things we share in common with such a great cloud of witnesses.

    I don't have any need to cut through parking lots, but I can see that they can be both helpful and safe when done at certain times, say in the wee hours of your morning commute.

    I would imagine you and I might see things similarly in politics also!

    I am with SteveA on this point though; You have helped shape my thinking about bicycle driving more than you could ever know. Sometimes your blog posts are too cryptic for me to figure out though.

  7. What a nice post.
    Cyclists of the world, unite!

    And Happy Thanksgiving : )

  8. Actually, the the full full quote would be; "Cyclists of the world unite! We have nothing to lube but our chains!"

    Ah Filigree! I delight in the elegant efficiency of the bicycle. That which contributes to speed as a value above all else. It might be mostly a guy thing.

    You are one of the ones who has opened my eyes to another elegance inherent in bicycles, that of efficient functionality. Similar but different. A different hierarchy of values, thus different trade-offs.

    One day, I will be getting about on an upright style bicycle. If I do, you will get some of the blame! :)

  9. Hey man, you're a voice of reason and enlightenment. Thanks!

  10. Chipseal, I appreciate your fine sentiments and the feeling is mutual!

    Peace :)