Thursday, February 3, 2011

From Waco to Eastland

I spoke to my attorney about my case last week.

My appeal has been moved from Waco to the Eleventh Court of Appeals in Eastland Texas. The reason is to balance the workload among the various courts.

This is a blessing for our cause. Eastland is 130 miles east of Dallas, which makes the journey to the courthouse less arduous for me. But more significantly, Eastland has a reputation for being more conservative than other appeals courts.

Neither our legal team nor the State have filed any briefs on this case, but that will change soon. There is no date set yet for the trial either, but it is expected to be put on the courts calendar somewhere between July and September.

Lastly, the transcript of the trial will be in our hands soon, and I will be able to share parts of it with you.

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