Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Happened With My Tires

When I bought my bicycle, I switched the stock tires with a "training" high performance tire. They did fine, and when I had retired them after about 4,000 miles, I had experienced three flats with them.

By then, Specialized had come out with their Armadillo series of tires. I purchased two of the 700cx23 Armadillo Elites and put them on.

They were slower and heavier than the tires they replaced. But for mile after mile, I didn't get any flats. I rode them until the tread was gone and the tread area was no longer rounded, but a flat ribbon all the way around the tire.

While I don't abuse my tires, I don't baby them either. I ride on gravel roads occasionally, and I suppose I have nearly 100 miles of gravel roads on those tires. I did get one flat. An industrial staple managed to get my rear tire once. Not bad for 6,000 miles.

I have a single-speed that I use for wet weather riding. I have logged 550 miles on it. I have had four flats on it. I have put my old Armadillos on the single-speed!

This has been an unsolicited endorsement of a product I use and have come to rely on. Specialized has no knowledge of this post.

This is what they have to say about their line of Armadillo tires.


  1. I've heard all kinds of good things about Armadillos. I've been using Bontrager Race Lite "Hard Case" tires (28c that looks more like a 25 to me) with really good results. No flats in almost two full Summers; knocking wood.

  2. THIS IS REALLY STRANGE! Yesterday, I was thinking about concrete trucks, and along comes Rantwick with a post on the same subject. TODAY, I get a flat, and along comes ChipSeal with a post on the same subject. I went shopping today.

    It must be THE POWER OF THE FORCE...

    FWIW, Armadillos have been well worth the loss in daily time, but stay tuned for my own perspective from first-hand experience on flats and "the lazy bike commuter."

  3. I just thought I'd let you know that ChipSeal cracked into the "My 5 Favorite Bike Blogs" list over on Beginning Bicycle Commuting. ChipSeal rocks!

  4. I LOVE Armadillos, other than their UV resistance seems low. Unfortunately, I wasn't riding Armadillos today. Nor was I riding my current favored Conti GP, foldable 4 Season 28c tires.

    Rantwick's experience either says a lot for the tires, or where he rides, or a combo of both...