Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something I'm Wondering About

If cycling two abreast is rude behavior and a crime against humanity, why are we then expected to travel two abreast with an automobile?

That is, if it is bad behavior and wrong to cycle side-by-side with another cyclist within a travel lane, why is it then expected that we should ride side-by-side with all motorists within the lane? Who is being rude in that circumstance?


  1. "Hey pal, keep yer logic off my prejudice!"


  2. You run over people riding two abreast in DFW, the second kill is free.

    I've been watching this one ever since it happened. The morning after, a local radio host asked how many cyclists had to die before they got "them" off the roads.

  3. I avoid such conundrums by being an antisocial loner.