Monday, April 19, 2010

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Sec. 541.302. (15)  "Shoulder" means the portion of a highway that is:
(A)  adjacent to the roadway;
(B)  designed or ordinarily used for parking;
(C)  distinguished from the roadway by different design, construction, or marking; and
(D) xxnot intended for normal vehicular travel.

Because an improved shoulder is defined the by the law this way, it has certain consequences that materially impact the safety of a cyclist who may wish to operate on the shoulder.

Because improved shoulders are "not intended for normal vehicular travel", warning signs that would inform highway users of a change in the disposition of the shoulder are not erected.

In the photo above, the roadway’s shape is changing from a median in the center to a "suicide" shared left turn lane. A warning sign has been erected to inform travelers of this change.

There are no signs informing travelers that the "Ennis City’s mandatory bike lane" is coming to an end and to be alert for cyclists entering the travel lane.

The posted speed limit for this section of the roadway is 45 MPH.     

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  1. I never noticed THAT little shoulder trivia item before....