Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nemo and Daisy

On one of my common routes, I have a pair of friends; Nemo and Daisy.

They would always bark at me, and I would bark back (In a friendly way!) as they ran down the road pacing me. The always “chased” me from their side of the fence. They had about a quarter mile of frontage to gallop across.

The only problem they ever caused me was that their friendly barking would alert one of the dogs down the way that I was coming. (Casey) I could usually sneak by him going east, but Nemo and Daisy would give me up every time I went west.

Casey, however, has learned to keep his distance with only one application of my squirt bottle. We get along fine now.

Encouraged by my friends on the internet, one day I stopped (Yes, stopped! Gasp!) to take a picture of Nemo and Daisy, but they wanted to make friends. I now stop in for an enthusiastic hello whenever I happen by.

I met their owner a while ago. While I was petting them he came out to see if they had been menacing me. I assured him it was most likely the other way around. Thus I finally learned their names!

Daisy is paranoid and shy of automobiles. She is uncomfortable on the road side of the fence when a car is coming by. Their owner said she had been hit once. From her behavior, I’d say she didn’t like the experience. For that reason I roll up the driveway to the gate to pet them.

Nemo is the dominant one, and they stick together. So I noticed when Daisy greeted me by herself a few weeks ago. And then, after a short absence, Nemo was back. But he was limping now. His back leg was mangled. Only he knows how. I was told it is a permanent injury.

Despite only three healthy legs, he is almost as fast as before now, but he abandons the chase sooner.

For these two, life on my side of the fence has been harsh to them. I enjoy stopping and showing them there is some kindness over here as well.


  1. Dogs are the best. I truly believe they are ersatz angels, come to guard over us and help us overcome our insecurities and subconscious troubles.

  2. Those are two beautiful dogs. I reckon dogs are truly great animals. I bet they look forward to your visits!

  3. Cars are nothing to dogs. As common as dirt. Cyclists are interesting beasts. A cyclist that interacts with them is even MORE interesting. Try blowing kisses at the cows next time you ride by some. They'll watch you intently for a LONG time. Buffalo, too, but they look like their horns are less decorative. I hope I never read about Chandra actually going INTO the buffalo pasture!

  4. Cattle, when out of their pasture, are quite skittish when a cyclist approaches.

    As you note, Steve, they have no worries about common automobiles or strange bicycles when they are champions*, but when encountering a cyclist when out of bounds they tend to panic. (I get the same reaction from people I meet on the street when I am clean shaven, by the way.) I would advise exercising great caution in such circumstances, lest the animal injure itself.

    * That is, outstanding in their field.

  5. Nice to see you have befriended some of my loved ones, Reed!
    Peace :)